About Noted.as

About Noted

Noted is a project by Neu. It is designed for simplicity, security, and speed. It loads immediately into a blank notepad and anything you type is instantly encrypted and saved. — You can add a password on any note and share it securely.


Want to collaborate on notes in real-time? Now you can do it by simply sharing the note link.

Password Protection

Collaborate with your colleagues or friends by sharing password-protected notes.

Fully-encrypted notes

Every note that you take on noted.as is encrypted on the front-end and backend, so feel safe when you add notes.

Dark Mode

Want to give your eyes a break? Use our dark mode feature while composing a note.

Free to Use

Noted.as is a free service. Keep taking your notes safely in one place.


Super fast notetaking right in your browser so you don't have to install or download anything.

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